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Loop Sealant

sealantstuffWhether you are installing a loop at a signalized intersection or for a parking gate, RAI Products has a loop sealant to meet your requirements. RAI Products offers both one-part and two-part loop detector sealants in a variety of packaging to fit your job. Whether you need hundreds of gallons of loop sealant for a large traffic signal project or just a single quart tube of loop sealant for a small loop at a parking gate, we can help.

Pro-Seal 6006

Our two-part polyester loop sealant Pro-Seal 6006 and Pro-Seal 6006 EX are some of the most widely used loop sealants in North America for sealing loops at signalized intersections. Literally millions of liner feet of loop slot have been successfully sealed with Pro-Seal 6006 since its introduction in 1990. Pro-Seal 6006 is approved by DOT's and municipalities throughout the United States and Canada. Pro-Seal 6006 is a pourable grade, self-leveling sealant that requires no special equipment for application. Just mix and pour, it's really that simple, and because Pro-Seal cures quickly (7-10 minutes) traffic can resume almost immediately after application. Pro-Seal 6006 is also used throughout North America for sealing loops at parking gates and other access control applications where a professional result is desired.

Q-Seal 290S

Our one-part polyurethane loop sealant, Q-Seal 290S is supplied in convenient and easy to use quart caulking cartridges and five (5) gallons pails (Pails require a special pump). Like Pro-Seal 6006, Q-Seal 290S is approved by both State DOT's and municipalities throughout the United States and Canada. Being a one-part loop sealant, Q-Seal 290S is easy to use because there is no mixing. Each quart tube comes with a screw on nozzle designed to fit down into the loop slot. This allows you to place the sealant in the bottom of the slot for proper encapsulation of the loop wires. Q-Seal 290S is also extremely popular with installers of parking gates and access control equipment because it provides consistent results from job to job to job.

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